Shri Pankaj Kapadia Sarvajanik College of Performing Arts

Principal's Message

Greetings and welcome to this web portal of Sarvajanik College of Performing Arts (SCOPA).

History of performing arts can be traced to human civilization thousands of years ago. Since time immemorial, mankind has pursued different art forms to achieve excellence. Performing arts have been in forefront to shape our cultural development. Today, our heritage of art has blossomed into different exponent that inspire us to explore more and achieve greater success.

Here at SCOPA, we are committed to provide best opportunities of learning performing arts. Our talented and highly experienced faculty impart knowledge of different art forms namely music, drama and dance. In this modern era, where time is at a premium, we offer multiple courses to suit individual need. From full time Bachelor in Arts course to hobby course, our offerings suit all age groups and profession. We regularly hold workshops, seminars and discourses on performing arts by reputed artists of world fame to enrich the learning of those who seek to attain excellence in their field of interest.

Our students are encouraged to experiment and develop unique insights in their respective field. We have full fledged facility of sound recording, performance halls and assessment centre to provide the best learning experience. It is indeed gratifying to note that some of our students have performed at state and national level showcasing their talent. 

Our mission is to develop challenging programs, education and assessment that encourages students to explore their passion. Our altruistic approach is meant to develop talent amongst students who, by virtue of building excellence in performing arts, bring about positive changes in themselves that influences the society, the country and the world as a whole.

Dr. Shikha Samaiya