Sarvajanik College of Performing Arts

Chairman's Message

Even before mankind begun to learn language, it has procured a way to express itself through sounds, gestures and body-movements. And there lie the seeds of emanation of Performing Arts; be it music, drama or dance. Since then, with all other development and achievements of the human civilization, Performing Arts have burgeoned perpetually unraveling the beauties of outer and inner world as well.  

Performing Arts help the learners to acquire not only skills in a specific artistic discipline, but also assist them to attain life-skills. Performing arts provide learners with a multitude of options for expressing and communicating their ideas and learners learn to think about problems from a broad range of perspectives. Above all, Performing Arts “can play a vital role in learning how to learn”. And SCOPA plays a vital role in the acquisition of all the aforementioned advantages offered by Performing Arts.

Sarvajanik College of Performing Arts(SCOPA) is an officially recognized Performing Arts College by the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. It is the first and the only college of Performing Arts in the whole of the south Gujarat, which imparts training in performing arts viz. Music, Dance and Drama offering courses up to post-graduation. Besides students from various cities of Gujarat, students from other states also have been attracted towards our college. Regardless of their age, cast, creed and social background, we help them unleash their potential, no matter who they are.

Students with disabilities have access to equal opportunities for education and participation in College activities. Adult learners come to class with rich and diverse backgrounds, bringing with them a complexity and experience not often seen in traditional-age students. The program and curriculum meet these students “where they are” academically and create new associations with previous experience and understandings, forging connections between academic learning and life.

Our objective is to preserve traditional classical styles in their formal purity and to train students to cultivate their creative and intuitive abilities by attaining a systemic understanding of the art and science of performing arts and its aesthetic applications. All the connoisseurs are welcome in our college to relish the glamour of Performing Arts.